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Perma Master Prime-CN



Porosity of concrete surfaces, moisture and the alkalinity of the concrete surface makes it difficult for the epoxy products to bond with the concrete bases effectively. To get over these problems an effective epoxy bonding agent or a primer is made use of. Perma Master Prime-CN is a two component product based on non solvented epoxy base and epoxy hardener. Perma Master Prime-CN binds the epoxy products firmly to the cementitious bases.


To bind epoxy mortars and flooring products to the concrete base taking care of the porosity of the base and mobilizing the particles of the mortars into the crevices and holes in the base.


Perma Master Prime-CN is applied on a dry concrete surface which is at least 28 days old before laying epoxy flooring materials or coating. Perma Master Prime-CN forms a part of the system with Perma Master Floor-SL, Perma Master Floor-HD and Perma Heavy Duty Mortar(HDM).


  • Perma Master Prime-CN thoroughly wets the concrete surface and mobilizes the particles of the epoxy products effectively on the concrete surfaces and makes it easier for epoxy products to bond with the concrete effectively.
  • Perma Master Prime-CN being moisture tolerant makes the priming easy. There is no need to blow torch the surfaces to make them bone dry. A reasonable dry surface is good enough.
  • Perma Master Prime-CN is resistant to alkalis hence there is no need for the cumbersome process of acid etching the surface


Form : Component A – Liquid
Component B – Liquid
Colour Of Mixture : Straw colour / pale yellow
Density : 1.3 gms/cc
Pot Life : Appx 1 hour at 25°C
Compressive Strength : 70 N/mm2
Tensile Strength : 22 N/mm2
Flexural Strength : 36 N/mm2
Bond Strength : A) In Concrete 3 N/mm2
B) In Steel 15 N/mm2
Storage Condition : +10 °C + 40°C



Surface to be primed with Perma Master Prime-CN should be free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, loose particles and excessive moisture.


Mix the base and the reactor components of Perma Master Prime-CN till a uniform consistency and colored liquid is obtained. Brush apply this on the surface to be primed.


Perma Master Prime-CN covers 3 to 4 square meter per kg. Higher coverage may be achieved if the base is sufficiently smooth and good.


Epoxy products generally cause irritation to the skin. Use of hand gloves by the workers is advised. Upon completion of days work all the packing material should be burnt and buried.


Perma Master Prime-CN is available in 1 kg pre weighted units.


Perma Master Prime-CN has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.


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