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Perma Floor Top QZ


Hardening Compounds For Cement


Perma Floor Top QZ is a floor hardening compound based on non metallic aggregates a blend of ordinary portland cements and activating chemicals. Perma Floor Top QZ is for use on green concrete of industrial floors to achieve high abrasion and impact resistance properties on the finished floors.
Perma Floor Top QZ is based on non metallic aggregates
Hardening Compounds For Cement


Perma Floor Top QZ is based on non metallic quartz aggregates. Perma Floor Top QZ treated floors are ideal for places where chemical spillages are expected, and where metallic aggregates are not desired. Perma Floor Top QZ is used in concreting of floors for laboratories, chemical factories, breweries, shopping centers, super markets etc.


Perma Floor Top QZ product are designed for high abrasion and impact resistance properties to the concrete floors.


After floor concreting when the concrete is firm to take the weight of workman sprinkle Perma Floor Top QZ at the desired rate on the green concrete and trowel it in with metal floats or power trowel. Care should be taken to see that concrete surface is just ready to receive dry shake powder. If delayed too much it will become unworkable and if Perma Floor Top QZ is sprinkled too early it will get mixed with the concrete and loose its utility. Sprinkling of Floor Top should be controlled such that an uniform quantity of the product is sprinkled throughout. It may be suggested that broadcasting of Perma Floor Top QZ be done in two stages. The second stage of broadcasting done in a perpendicular direction to the first stage broad cast.


Curing should be carried out immediately after final trowelling has been completed.


Form : Powder
Max Grain Size : 2 mm
Hardness : 7 on MOH’S scale



Perma Floor Top QZ is available in Dark Grey, Red, Blue, Leafy Green, Olive Green, Green ,Terracotta and Terracotta Brown.


Floor being a very important utility member of any industrial or commercial unit sufficient care needs to be taken while designing and execution. The following precautions however need to be taken while concreting a floor.


The base concrete should be well designed incorporating atleast 350 kgs of cement per cubic meter of concrete and water cement ratio to be kept at a minimum to produce low slump concrete. Floor concrete needs to be well vibrated and power floated.


While concreting in bay the size of the bay should be ideally 3m x 4m for 100mm thick concrete. Concreting bay sizes can be increased with thickness of concrete increasing.

Every 12 meters a crack inducer joint and every 36 meters an expansion joint needs to be introduced. If long bay pattern of concreting is used as in case while using vacuum dewatering machine relief joints should be cut every 10 meters using a concrete saw. This joint is normally 6 to 10 mm wide and about 40 mm deep. This relief joint should be cut after 24 hours of concreting but before 72 hours. In this method also expansion joint becomes necessary every 36 meters in either direction.


Light duty 2 to 3.5 kg/m²
Medium duty/ Heavy duty 4 to 6.0 kg/m²



Perma Floor Top QZ available in 25 kg & 50 kg sack.


Perma Floor Top QZ has a shelf life of 12 Months from the date of manufacture, if stored in dry and cool conditions.


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