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Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl Tape



Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape is a single sided butyl rubber adhesive tape with reinforced aluminium foil backing polynet and which is used for waterproofing all joints in construction / machine industry, during construction and post construction. Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape sticks to most surfaces such as asbestos, vitreous, tiles, Metallic surfaces, polycarbonate sheets, glass & ceramic surfaces.


  • Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape is used for covering all cracks, construction joints, bends, corners and joints of non homogenous materials. Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape is used for joint sealing of the metallic and non metallic roofing such as aluminium, zinc asbestos sheeting and the roofs of buses.
  • Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape can be used for sealing all joints in timber framed houses.
  • It is used for sealing all the corner joints and the joints between the horizontal and vertical RCC surfaces of the sunken slabs of toilets and bathrooms after waterproofing. It is also used for covering of all cut outs and pipe joints in the walls.
  • This tape is used for covering the insulated air conditioning ducts and exposed piping work to prevent energy loss.
  • Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape can be used to cover the ends of corrugated sheets in roofing & sealing the joints around turbo vents.


  • Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape is resistant to hot and cold temperatures. It withstands 90°C without yielding.
  • Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape is totally weather-proof. It insulates and makes the taped area waterproof and airtight.
  • It has good adhesion to all types of surfaces.


Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape comes in the form of a roll. The tape has an adhesive portion of black color which has reinforced aluminium on one side and a brown colored release paper on the other side. Pull out the release paper from one end and place the adhesive side of the tape onto the surface. Keep pressing the tape in position while pulling out the release paper

Width Of Tape : ASF 50 is 50 mm width
ASF 100 is 100 mm width
Length Of Tape In a Roll : 20 Metre
Thickness Of Tape : 0.75 mm
Service Temperature : -30°C to 90°C
Application Temperature : + 5°C to 50°C
Adhesion : 7.8 N / 10 mm width of strip


Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape is available in cartons. ASF-50, 16 rolls and ASF-100, 8 rolls per carton.


Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl tape has a shelf life of 24 months if stored in manufacturer’s original packing in a cool and dry place away from moisture and heat.


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