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Perma Liquid Tile Adhesive



BS. 5980 :1980 Draft CEN:prEN 12004 -1997

Perma Liquid Tile Adhesive (LTA) is a complex polymer based white liquid that is added to the bedding mortars used for fixing ceramic tiles, granite slabs or marble slabs on horizontal surfaces. Liquid Tile Adhesive dramatically enhances the adhesive, tensile and waterproofing properties in the mortars so that it prevents weeping joints in the floors and skirting. The product can be added to neat cement as well, to improve the properties of the paste.


For fixing ceramic tiles on concrete or mosaic floors.
For fixing granite slabs on concrete floors.
For fixing marble slabs on floors.
For fixing skirting on the walls.
For fixing glazed, ceramic tiles to walls & floor areas.


Perma Liquid Tile Adhesive waterproofs the tiled area.
Improves adhesion and tensile strength of mortars.
It is economical.
Easy to use.


    • For fixing ceramic tiles, granite slabs, marble slabs to the concrete floors

Dry mix 15 kgs of cement (use white cement for fixing marble) with 50 kgs of fine sand. Add two litres of Liquid Tile Adhesive and water to get the desired consistency. Lay the mortar on the floor and spread it evenly. Press the ceramic tiles, granite or marble to position.

Mix cement 15 kgs 1:2 by volume
Fine Sand 50 kgs
Perma LTA 2 litres
Water 2 to 3 litres

This mortar is sufficient to fix 37 sq.ft of tiles with a 5mm thick bed.

    • For fixing ceramic tiles, granite or marble on existing mosaic floor

Dry mix 15 kg cement (use white cement for fixing marble) with 25 kg of fine sand passing 300 micron sieve or use quartz or silica powder. Add two litres of Liquid Tile Adhesive and water to desired consistency. Prime the back of the tile and the mosaic floor just before laying of the mortar with Liquid Tile Adhesive mixed with neat cement (grey or white) mixed in the proportion of 1:1 by volume. Lay the smooth consistency mortar on the primed mosaic floor and spread it evenly. Press the primed tile or slab to position. Please note that the brush applied primer has a tendency to dry quickly. Hence prime the tile, granite or marble just before fixing.


Cement 1 kg
Perma LTA 1 litre

This covers about 20 to 30 square feet.

Cement 15 kgs
Quartz/Silica Powder Or 1:1 by volume
Very Fine Sand 25 kgs
Perma LTA 2 litres
Water 2 to 3 litres

This mortar is sufficient to fix 42 sq.ft. of tiles on existing mosaic with a 3mm thick bed.


Form : Liquid
Color : Milky white
Solubility : Mixes freely with water
Chemical Nature : Anionic
Application temperature : Above 5°C
Ph : 8-9
Toxicity : Non-toxic to contact
Antioxident : Yes
Bacteriocide : Yes
Particle Size : 1 micron
Antifoam : Yes
Specific Gravity : 1.5 at 20°C


Perma Liquid Tile Adhesive is available in 10 Ltr, 25 Ltr and 100 Ltr Pack.


Perma Liquid Tile Adhesive has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture if stored in manufacture’s original packing in cool and dry place.


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