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Perma Plaster Mix



Perma Plaster Mix is a grey free flowing powder which needs only addition of water to form a good consistency mortar. Perma Plaster Mix is a mortar mix with lot of advantages over conventional mortars. Perma Plaster Mix is reinforced with PP fibres. The resulting plaster is waterproof.


For small repair works and plastering patch up works there have been lot of inconveniences. Bringing sand, sieving and mixing the mortar for plaster have worked out very expensive for small repair jobs. Such small repairs of plaster have created shrinkage cracks. To avoid all these difficulties, Perma has introduced Perma Plaster Mix a ready to use plaster mortar for plastering. Perma Plaster mix just requires addition of water to produce plastering material with least hassles and all the advantages. Perma plaster mix can be used advantageously on big sites where a good quality work is desired.


Perma Plaster Mix produces absolutely non-shrink mortars. It is economical when compared with the inconveniences of procuring and sieving right grades of sand. The material is workable and has ease in application.


Just take desired quantity of Plaster Mix in a pan, add water, mix it to a desired consistency and apply on prepared wet surface. Cure normally. On difficult surfaces or on concrete surfaces use Perma Bond PVA or UNIBOND as a primer before plastering. Generally 120 ml to 150 ml of water is required per kg of Plaster Mix.


Curing should be carried out after plastering.


Perma Plast Mix available in 20 kg and 40 kg sack.


Perma Plast Mix has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture, if stored in dry and cool place away from moisture.


PERMA warrants that all products are free from any defects of manufacture and comply with the specifications given in their respective technical data sheet. No warranty can be given as to the results of use because conditions of use, such as site conditions, surface preparations, workmanship, weather, structural issues and other factors are beyond the control of PERMA. Purchaser agrees to seek the advice of qualified professionals to carry out tests & take trials to determine the suitability of products for their intended purpose prior to full scale usage of PERMA products and assumes all risks.

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