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Perma Recrete



Perma Recrete is a cementitious grey powder with micro fine aggregates which allows reconcreting of the damaged, dilapidated structures. The product is a boon for present day rehabilitation engineers. The product needs only addition of water to form a free flowing concrete with enormous initial and final strengths.


Perma Recrete is a very handy tool in the hands of an advanced structural repair engineer to reconstruct parts of beams and columns with far superior strength, fair finished surface and with very high speed. Grouting structural cut outs and recess in sanitary fittings like floor traps annular spaces of pipe passes through walls etc., in residential buildings.


Perma Recrete has very high workability hence it can be poured into the shutters with a mug also. This workability helps the product to reach all minor crevices and fill effectively.
Perma Recrete develops very high early strength. It develops strength of the parent concrete within 24 hours of pouring.
Perma Recrete develops a very strong bond with the parent concrete. It is impermeable and protects reinforcements from corrosion.
It does not need elaborate curing, just sprinkling water for two days is enough.


Mix Perma Recrete with water in the ratio of 3.50 litre to 4 litre of water to a 25 kg sack of material to get a uniform free flowing mortar. Pour this mortar in the rigidly fixed forms. Care should be taken to see that the contact surfaces are dampened before fixing the form. Shutter forms should be effectively sealed to avoid uncontrolled leakages. If the repaired surface needs replastering then hack the surface immediately after removal of shutters.


Surfaces to be reconcreted with Perma Recrete should be clean, sound, free from any laitance or any deleterious material. Weak portions of the concrete should be cut back to sound surface. Reinforcements should be cleaned to remove rust and supplement additional reinforcements wherever required. Damp down the concrete surface before fixing the shutter forms.


One 25 kg sack of Perma Recrete produces a micro concrete which can fill 13.5 Litres of volume. In less demanding situation Perma Recrete can be added with 10 mm down clean and sound aggregates.


Form : Free Flowing Powder
Colour : Grey
Grain size : 2.4 mm aggregate maximum
Fibres : Alkali resistant fibre reinforcements present
Bulk Density : 1.5 ± 0.05
Yield : a) 25 Kg fills 13.5 litre of volume if used neat.
b) 25 Kg fills 22 litre of volume when mixed with 10 mm & down aggregates in the proportion of 1:1 by volume.
Flow : 20 mm on flow table when mixed with water in the powder water ratio of 1 Kg powder to 150 ml of water.
1 day : 20 N/mm2
7 days : 45 N/mm2
28 days : 60 N/mm2



Perma Recrete is available in 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg sack.


Perma Recrete has a shelf life of 12 months when stored as recommended in original packing, in cool and dry conditions.


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