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Perma Treat



Perma Treat is a colorless solvented silicon based liquid which imparts permanent water repellant effects to the walls, stones, brick work and cement painted surfaces.


Perma Treat is used in following areas:

  • To prevent dampening of walls due to rain.
  • To prevent leakages from bricks, stones or concrete walls.
  • To stop the ageing process of buildings.
  • To stop the growth of algae, fungus etc. on walls.
  • Waterproofing of textured coatings and decorative finishes.


  • Perma Treat is a very strong water repellent.
  • It is colourless, hence does not alter the natural finish of the building.
  • Once applied regular recoating of paint can be avoided.
  • Perma Treat is effective for a period of 10 years.
  • Perma Treat is economical and easy to use.


  • The surface to be treated by Perma Treat should be free from dust, oil, grease or curing compound. If the surface is to be painted the painting work should be completed prior to application of Perma Treat. Perma Treat is applied on a bone dry surface by brush or spray. Best results are obtained by spraying, apart from economy of usage and speed of application. Perma Treat should be flooded on to the surface so that a run down of 300 mm is obtained. Treated surfaces should not receive moisture for 48 hours.

When applied by brush or spray on the dry surfaces to be treated, Perma Treat penetrates deep into the pores of the surface and forms a thin water repellant barrier which does not affect the appearance of the surface.


Form : Liquid
Colour : Colourless
Specific Gravity : 0.78 at 20°C
Flash Point : 35°C


Perma Treat is used in following areas:

  • Perma Treat is recommended for vertical surfaces.
  • Perma Treat coated surface can not be painted over by cement or emulsion paints.
  • Perma Treat may cause staining on wood, glass and metal surfaces.
  • Perma Treat coated surfaces inhibit adhesion of mortar or other decorative treatments.

Most airless pesticide spray pumps are suitable for spraying Perma Treat.

Perma Guard covers 5 to 6 sq.ft. per kg in 2 coats. First coat being a scratch a coat followed by normal coat.


Application of Perma Treat should be carried out in an open and well ventilated atmosphere. Light masks, goggles and hand gloves are recommended during spray application.

Perma Treat is available in 1 litre and 20 litres metal drum.


Perma Treat has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.


PERMA warrants that all products are free from any defects of manufacture and comply with the specifications given in their respective technical data sheet. No warranty can be given as to the results of use because conditions of use, such as site conditions, surface preparations, workmanship, weather, structural issues and other factors are beyond the control of PERMA. Purchaser agrees to seek the advice of qualified professionals to carry out tests & take trials to determine the suitability of products for their intended purpose prior to full scale usage of PERMA products and assumes all risks.

The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory results, arising from the use of our products. Purchaser’s sole liability is limited to replacement of product or refund of the purchase price paid if any product proven defective. No other warranties, express or implied, shall apply including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

PERMA shall not be liable for any consequential damages arising from the use of our products for unsatisfactory results.

The information supplied in this datasheet is based on our experience through extensive research and is given in good faith in order to help prospective users. We reserve the right to update the information provided in our technical data sheet at any time without prior notice within the scope of technical progress or new developments.

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