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Perma Trik


Waterproofing Concrete


IS 2645-2003

Perma Trik is a very strong integral waterproofer for both concrete and plaster. The product is water soluble and form the permanent ingredient of concrete and plaster to make them watertight forever. Perma Trik increases workability and helps in achieving dense concrete/plaster.

Waterproofing Concrete


For the external and internal protection of concrete or metal tanks containing drinking water, oils, consumable liquids, etc. Best used as floor and wall coating. It waterproofs the surfaces on which it is coated. Used as an impervious, resilient and chemical resistant floor or wall coating in food processing plants, breweries, canning and bottling factories and general waterproofing. Used as a protective and decorative coating in laboratories, abattoirs etc.


Ensure adequate ventilation during application. Master coat coating can be applied either using lambs wool rollers or short haired stiff bristled nylon brushes. The second coat is applied on the second day of the first coat or at an interval of at least eight hours.


  • Perma Trik has effective chemical ingredients which waterproof cement permanently.
  • Perma Trik is ideal for concrete as well as plasters.
  • The product disperses uniformly on addition and its effect can be felt in wet concrete itself.
  • Perma Trik is a small investment for building quality structures which need the least maintenance.


    Perma Trik functions in the following manner:

  • In concrete
  • It disrupts the capillary network within the concrete mass which could conduct water through concrete.
  • It significantly reduces water demand to bring down W/C ratio in the range of 0.45 which generally represents a sound concrete.
  • In Mortar
  • It reduces the possibility of shrinkage cracks.
  • It improves adhesive and tensile properties of mortar.


    • A good waterproof concrete or plaster is achieved by good construction practices. Precautions to be taken to achieve the goals include:

    • Proper mix design.
    • Selection of good aggregates, sand and cement.
    • Adhering to W/C ratio in the range of 0.45 .
    • Proper mixing, placing and curing.
    • Use of a good integral waterproofer.

It is emphasized that integral waterproofer and plastcisers only help in making a good concrete better. Hence observance of good construction practices is of utmost importance for achieving the overall goal.


Add Perma Trik in concrete and mortar along with water at the rate of 500 gms per bag of cement.


Form : Powder
Chlorides : Free from any added Chlorides
Nitrates : Nil
Compatibility : Compatible with all OPC, SRC and Slag cements.


500 gms/50kg bag of cement.


Perma Trik is available in 500 gms pouch & 20 kg bulk packing.


Perma Trik has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture if stored in original packing.


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